Foods that Cause Tooth Decay
Foods causing decay

Foods that Cause Tooth Decay

Several foods have been identified as responsible for causing tooth decay, but this does not mean that we should never eat these foods or drinks.

The consumption of the high risk for tooth decay foods and drinks must be controlled (especially for children) and we must follow the dental hygiene rules (brushing and flossing) after we eat them.

Which foods may cause tooth decay?

Some simple rules on how to identify a bad food for teeth that can cause cavities are:

  • Foods or drinks with a high concentration of sugar are generally foods that cause tooth decay.
  • Acidic drinks with a low pH value damage the tooth enamel and cause cavities.
  • Sticky foods, that are not washed away of teeth easily by the saliva, increase the exposure of teeth to sugar and acids and the risk of dental erosion and tooth decay.

Examples of foods that may cause tooth decay:





Milk with sugar

Gums with sugar

Refreshments with sugar

White bread



Ice cream


Daily oral hygiene is essential for maintaining oral health. It should also be combined with proper healthy diet and regular dental visits.

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